Ultrapayment Advantages

Stripe vs Ultrapayment: a Comparison

One of the alternatives for accepting online payments making news lately is Stripe. Backed by the founder of Twitter (and 10's of millions of dollars of V.C. investor money), Stripe has a transparent pricing model very similar to Ultrapayment, with no hidden fees and a simple flat percentage rate and a per-transaction fee. Stripe's simple integration (no gateway) and clear flat-rate pricing (2.95% + 0.30 cents/txn) have allowed them to seize market share of merchants looking for a straightforward alternative to traditional merchant accounts.

While Stripe's quoted rate is about one-percent (1%) lower than a full-service Ultrapayment merchant account, the Stripe per-transaction fee is three times (3x) higher than accepting credit cards through an Ultrapayment account. This can make a Stripe account significantly more expensive for online merchants doing higher-volume, lower- value transactions because the higher transaction fee on every order results in a much higher effective rate paid by the merchant than they would with an actual Ultrapayment merchant account.

Consider the example of one former Striper user that switched to Ultrapayment; a food cart vendor in Seattle selling lunch-time ethnic food in a downtown business district. The average purchase is $5.00, and they sell 100 orders a day, 5 days a week.

Stripe vs Ultrapayment: a Comparison

Despite Stripe's slightly-lower quoted rate, this merchant paid 49% higher fees ($73.75) with Stripe than they did using their Ultrapayment merchant account. Not only did their total fees drop with Ultrapayment, but they now enjoy the benefits of next-day funding; all credit and debit card payments processed through an Ultrapayment merchant account are paid out to the merchant the very next day. Compare this to Stripe, which holds all merchant funds for 7 days before payout (less fees) and the benefits of using Ultrapayment merchant account instead of alternative payment methods like Paypal or Stripe become even more important.

Our Advantage

  • No Minimum Contract
  • Fast Approval and Merchant Account Setup
  • No Reserve Accounts
  • One-page Merchant Statements
  • No Interchange, AVS, or Gateway Fees
  • Dedicated Account Representative

Incredible Benefits

E-commerce merchants choose Ultrapayment merchant accounts because we provide much more than just payment processing.

With Ultrapayment, you are more than just a number. We were founded by e-commerce merchants to serve other e-commerce merchants and provide an alternative to other merchant account processors that serve the brick-and-mortar world, not the online one. Our platform partners with the biggest brands in the digital world to provide turnkey integration, top to bottom, to our customers. With flat-rate pricing, no funding holds, and instant reports, Ultrapayment is the clear choice in merchant accounts.


Getting Started

We can get your new Ultrapayment merchant account setup and approved in days, rather than weeks, at a better rate than the competition. We cut out all of the middlemen so you have faster, direct access to our team and your funds.

Ultrapayment can collect your business details, processing needs, and underwriting approval online, without the need for constant paperwork, signatures, and faxes. If you have applied for a merchant account before, you'll be amazed by our service. We don't waste your time, and in most cases can activate your account the same week you apply. We will help you integrate with your existing website or gateway, and setup immediate daily settlement and deposits so you don't have to wait to receive your payments.