Ultrapayment Rates and Costs

Ultrapayment Rates and Costs: The "4 & A DIME" Guarantee

At Ultrapayment, we pride ourselves on transparency when it comes to our rates and costs, that's why every one of our merchants knows exactly how much their credit card processing is going to cost at any time. While most merchant account providers will never give you an actual flat-rate cost (instead, preferring to quote an artificially low "discount rate", that is less than half of the actual cost you will ultimately pay), our rates are quoted precisely. No confusing interchange fees, no maze of "mid-qualifying vs standard qualifying", no AVS or add-on gateway fees, nothing but full transparency when it comes to what you pay.

We believe that predictability is key for online merchants to manage their cashflow and expenses effectively. Any competing merchant account that lures you in with a low "discount rate", then adds multiple pages of indecipherable and meaningless fees and charges is doing you a disservice. At Ultrapayment, you always pay the same guaranteed rate and transaction fee, so there are no surprises. Shop around, and you will find that our flat-rate pricing is not only more predictable and simpler to understand, but that our rate is nearly 72% lower than the industry average "all-in" rate! It's no wonder that we never lose merchants to other providers; our pricing and service is unmatched.

The Ultrapayment flat-rate pricing for qualifying online merchants is as follows:

4% of each transaction + $0.10 per transaction (all prices quoted in $US)

Affectionately referred to as "4 and a dime" by our loyal merchant clients, our rate is simply the most-competitive you will find in when you consider all the options. This isn't a teaser rate, or a base rate with numerous add on fees and hidden charges. At Ultrapayment , we guarantee you will never pay an interchange fee ever again. No "settlement fees", or "PCI compliance charges", or charges to deposit your money, just straightforward pricing that you can depend on. If you process 100 transactions in a month for $50 each, your total costs are ($5,000 * .04%) and (100* $0.10) = $210, Total. Without a single additional penny or fee to pay. That's the Ultrapayment difference, and once you experience our pricing model, you will wonder why you ever tolerated anything different.

Our merchant statements are a single page, and a child could calculate the math. Gone are the nightmare hassles of 14 pages of perplexing abbreviations referencing numerous add-on fees and costs that you will see from other merchant account processors. The average merchant account statement of other providers has over 57 different line-item fees! When you add up all the hidden and abbreviated fees and costs of other merchant processing options, the actual total cost to you can be more than 4x the discount rate on your statement. Don't be a victim of "bait and switch" pricing and add-on fees. Ultrapayment is the future of flat-rate credit card processing for the digital world.

Our Advantage

  • No Minimum Contract
  • Fast Approval and Merchant Account Setup
  • No Reserve Accounts
  • One-page Merchant Statements
  • No Interchange, AVS, or Gateway Fees
  • Dedicated Account Representative

Incredible Benefits

E-commerce merchants choose Ultrapayment merchant accounts because we provide much more than just payment processing.

With Ultrapayment, you are more than just a number. We were founded by e-commerce merchants to serve other e-commerce merchants and provide an alternative to other merchant account processors that serve the brick-and-mortar world, not the online one. Our platform partners with the biggest brands in the digital world to provide turnkey integration, top to bottom, to our customers. With flat-rate pricing, no funding holds, and instant reports, Ultrapayment is the clear choice in merchant accounts.


Getting Started

We can get your new Ultrapayment merchant account setup and approved in days, rather than weeks, at a better rate than the competition. We cut out all of the middlemen so you have faster, direct access to our team and your funds.

Ultrapayment can collect your business details, processing needs, and underwriting approval online, without the need for constant paperwork, signatures, and faxes. If you have applied for a merchant account before, you'll be amazed by our service. We don't waste your time, and in most cases can activate your account the same week you apply. We will help you integrate with your existing website or gateway, and setup immediate daily settlement and deposits so you don't have to wait to receive your payments.